The best advice my dad ever gave me - and it can work whatever way in life - is, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ If you feel worried about something, just do it. Because if you don’t do it, you’ll always wonder what would happen if you did it, and if you do it and it fails, at least you tried it. So nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go out and do it.
Ed Sheeran, September 11, 2014. [x] (via littlebitofbass)


I’m trying hard to live by Cat Principles.

1. I am glorious above all things
2. Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, play when bored
3. Affection is given and received on my terms and only mine
4. Show displeasure clearly.
5. NO
6. Demand the things you want. If they aren’t given, demand them again, but louder this time.
7. If you are touched when you don’t want to be, say so. If they continue to touch you, make them bleed.





A friend of mine shared this post on Twitter today about something one of her friend’s witnessed in NYC last night, and I felt it was important for us to post it on here - as a way of both getting the word out and seeing if anyone has any way of helping the situation (blogging, writing an article, knowledge of a missing person, etc.) Please share if you can - there has to be something we can do to help. It is possible to get in touch with the original source - please first email it to and we will forward it to her. 

Jesus fucking Christ.

Jesus fucking Christ.